Andrew Bearden – The “OnDeckPineTar” Show

Andrew Bearden shares a passion for the game of baseball that rivals any baseball aficionado. This ever growing passion is only surpassed by his desire to assist others in not only their growth in the love for the game but also their Andrewpersonal growth.  Andrew brings to the game a strong ear and an enccouraging heart. His strange sense of humor becomes quickly evident. Yet at the end off the day, person after person seem to love just spending time with him.

His major focus is on young players of the game as well as anyone wishing to increase their social media presence. Reach out and/or follow Andrew on Twitter @pinetarAB for his Weekly Online Show called “OnDeckPineTar.”  During each interactive show, Andrew will field questions and/or just talk about the myriad of lessons learned from the game that can be applied in daily life.  In additon to his weekly thoughts on the game, his show will have occasional guest speakers live via Twitter and/or Periscope for 30 minutes with Andrew hosting the Q&A discussion.

OnDeck refers to our daily opportunity to ‘get ready’ for what is thrown our way.  Fastball or curveball, we are here to play this game of life. And the PineTar helps us keep our grip so that we don’t lose control with our ‘swings’ throughout each day, month and season of  life.