1. Who are you?
    1. We are a program designed to bring about positive and forward growth in individual lives both personally and professionally through proven methods.
    2. It is our desire to see eventually growth that is NOT dependent upon our involvement, but is sustainable and independent for the individual.
    3. We believe that true growth lies within the individual, not on a co-dependent relationship with another.
  2. What can you do for me?
    1. Our proven methods of Discovery and Direction might not be revolutionary, but our approach involving high relationship availability brings about real and lasting change.
    2. Your Next Coach will offer his/her time for You.  Time for completing our exciting tools of Discovery and time to watch you become successful and strong in implementing Direction with those same discoveries.
    3. Healthy Change.  That’s why we exist.  Confidentiality, Encouragement, and Trust are just a few of our highest values that we bring into your NEXT relationship.
  3. Why The Power of Next when I can go pick up a book online?
    1. There are several incredibly awesome pieces of materials out there.  There are many that we would also recommend.  So, by all means, please grab resources that you feel might be of benefit to you.
    2. Our difference is our Context of Relationship.  The best method of REAL GROWTH has always been in the context of relationship.  We enter each Next Coaching relationship and experience with the goal of short and long term application (often through goal setting and accountability) of your personal Discoveries.
    3. Each person is different and deserves a proven concept (the context of relationship) integrated into their life.
  4. Do I really need a Next Coach
    1. Plain and simple, maybe not (at least that’s the ultimate goal – independent and healthy growth).  We are not here to tell you what you need.  We provide a Next Coach Relationship for those seasons of life when new Discovery and Direction are needed to move forward beyond a crisis moment and/or just being stuck with life.
  5. Does my location keep me from connecting with a Next Coach?
    1. No.  We can begin to define what a Next Coach Relationship looks like for you regardless of where you live.
  6. How do I get started?
    1. Contact us via this web site to see what Next Steps we can take together.