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Mike Bearden – Lead Creator of Discovery and Head Coach

Over the last 25 years, Mike Bearden’s motivational and growth strategies have connected him with thousands of people throughout the world. Through speeches and presentations, as well as numerous one-on-one meetings, he has helped individuals, corporations and other entities by strengthening the individual and developing teamwork concepts. Mike has worked with public servants, entertainers, ministers and athletes. His love is in connecting with people from a multitude of backgrounds and professions.

Mike brings with him over 25 years of experience in various industries ranging in size from the Special Education Secondary Classroom to larger institutions of 30,000. His insight gathered over these past years cannot be taught in school or read in a book.  Mike has also had the privilege of working in the Marketing and Human Resources fields both locally and globally. Mike has a passion for leadership development through relationship. He enjoys challenging individuals on a personal and professional basis so that they can stretch and grow. Utilizing his background, training and experience, he reaches individuals and helps them find their individual/particular goals. With increased confidence and better understanding of themselves, individuals respond and achieve much more from their lives both personally and professionally, on their own and with a team of others.

Mike holds a bachelor’s degree from Biola University, a master’s degree from Talbot Seminary, and a Special Education Teaching Credential. Numerous conferences and seminars have sharpened his skills and allowed him to quickly discover the vital relationship between the personal and the professional and the necessity of a healthy growth perspective. Through his experience with for-profit and nonprofit/volunteer organizations, Mike gained valuable career experiences that have prepared him for his own life purpose – to assist individuals and organizations to fulfill their greatest potential. Mike’s StrengthsFinder Results:  His results taken three times over a period of 9 years have narrowed down his identity to an ACTIVATOR who works well with CONNECTEDNESS as he maintains an environment of RELATING to others. Mike’s DISC Profile describes him as a High D Achiever.



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