NEXT Stories

Real people experiencing real life seasons. These are the types of people who we get to come along side of, Discover their journey together, and set forward Direction that blesses them with encouraging movement to overcome and keep moving ahead in life. Whether it’s personal issues or exterior issues that come to impact our lives, we could all use someone to listen, discover and guide (not direct) us towards a positive future with hope and confidence. Here are just a few of the many stories we have been honored to come to know.

When approached by Mike to describe what The Power of Next has done for me, I had no problem coming up with things to say about him and the program. What started out as a staff development time with me and my coaching staff at our Baseball Facility soon morphed into a time where I would listen together with Mike and be challenged in my personal growth. Anything you are usually not comfortable with requires time to learn and be open to.  The more I talked with Mike, I found myself opening up and I realized that he could help me and my staff find the direction and discovery to help us grow as people and as a business.  I felt very comfortable sharing my life situation with Mike.  To have that voice outside to help me look within built trust quickly.  The more time we spent together, the easier it was to open up and keep growing. Not only has The Power of Next helped with launching a new company, but also transitioning out of professional baseball and into being a full-time dad. That daily availability to have someone to talk to was irreplaceable for me. I am a good ‘spokesman’ for this because I am not the type of person who normally puts his life out there for others to see. Nor do I easily let other people in as I did with Mike. To let my guard down and text whenever for any reason whatsoever was a huge help for me. I would not hesitate at all to recommend The Power of Next for anyone to jump in and try it out at any level they feel comfortable with. I have nothing but positive things to say about my personal experience with The Power of Next. From this I can honestly say that I look forward to what is “Next” in all aspects of life.

Adam Kennedy – MLB player 1999-2012

(World Series Champion with the Anaheim Angels 2002)

Teacher – Hilda Beckman

The year 2006 was a year of love and deceit. It was the year I felt my life was in control, my marriage was solid, and our kids were doing well in school. But, in a blink of an eye, life had gone out of control.   Being the type of person who knew what was always coming next, having all schedules in order, knowing where each kid was going, suddenly that was all gone.  My husband was a recovering alcoholic for three years before his death. The damage had been done. Again I felt abandoned, but not for long. Mike’s words kept coming back to me, “You are not alone”.  How powerful those words have become. I have been widowed, angry, melancholy, but not alone.


Baseball Broadcaster – Jose Mota

Where do I begin to explain how “The Power of Next” has contributed to my life?  I am one of several children in my family.  My father, who played professional baseball, heavily influenced my life.  All of this and more contributed in forming who I am today.  I rarely took a long look at all of these life formations together to get a better grasp on where I am today and how they impact my decisions for tomorrow.  The Power of Next and my time with Mike began to allow me to approach each day with a holistic perspective.  I now see each day as an opportunity for balance in all four areas of my life.  This has not only helped me but I have chosen to also share this with others, especially my family.  My wife and children share our Mota heart for others while starting a foundation that definitely reflect The Power of Next’s elements of Discovery and Direction.

Producer/Singer – Gerardo Mejia

“What can I tell you?  Mike Bearden is one of those people who has a passion for people.  No matter who the person is, Mike has a genuine love and desire to come along side of individuals no matter what life throws at them.  Mike helps keep me grounded.  He listens to every aspect of my life.  I know he is truly available for me 24-7.  That is no easy task considering my crazy life.”

LAFD Captain – Roy Paige

In my line of work as a firefighter, I am always jumping from one challenge to another.  The Power of Next has really encouraged me and kept me grounded during the most hectic of fire seasons, both at work and at home.  The ideas of understanding my identity and what surrendering to that identity means for me has helped me personally in my marriage and with my kids.  Balance is something I hear about but never really chose to incorporate into my life until Mike shared with me specifics on how I could do this daily.  Every day is a challenge.  As I said, in my line of work you never know what the next day holds in store.  But I am more confident and optimistic because of the practical steps I have learned from The Power of Next.