Corporate Program

The Power of Next exists to come along side of companies with a positive and future focused program that engages employees with discovery tools with measurable goals of direction.  We know that discovery and growth of oneself and one’s company is of little benefit without direction (specific, short and long-term goals) that is best applied in a relational context over a period of time.  The goals of this program are designed to produce employee personal growth, job satisfaction, and increased production.

  • A professional relationship with The Power of Next ensures that you (the company) will benefit from:
  • A dedicated Next Coach that will come to your company at the time of your choosing.
  • An interactive, discussion oriented time (average 3-4 hours) where individuals (the employee team) will discover their strengths and apply them to their individual area of company service.
  • A Company Strength Report that includes the team’s Strengths, Leadership Domains, thoughts and observations from the Next Coach, and specific goals for that team.
  • A progressive Follow-Up program to ensure implementation of the team goals.

The Corporate Program involves a FourStage process including evaluation, preparation, interaction and application.  The tools of Discovery and Direction will strengthen and help unify the team with the company’s identity and mission.  This new strength of unity allows the company to take its next steps in growth and development.

As with all of our Power of Next Corporate Programs, a Next Coach will be available on the back end of any corporate program to come along side of individuals from that participating company in a variety of ongoing growth relationships.