Individual Program

TPON is for anyone who desires to better themselves and is serious enough to commit to making this happen.  Mike’s personal clients have ranged from individual family members to the CEO’s and major players of the Entertainment Industry of this world.  Mike specializes in people.  And last time we looked, people are people.  As distinctly different as some of our circumstances might be, people are still people.  And it is often when we over-emphasize these differences that we lose our focus on the basics and run into trouble.

The Power of Next is a one on one experience centered around YOU.  It is a personal relationship development time for you and one of our “next” coaches.  The Power of Next can come in the form of a short-term and/or long-term experience.  If you are not healthy, then the health of those around you suffers.  Either in person, on the phone or online, Mike’s desire (or one of our Next Coaches’) is to come along side of you with the following emphasis:

  • Life Listening and Focus
  • Personal Leadership Development
  • Strategic Thinking
  • A Future Growth Focus

The healthcare industry is a booming industry. No one will dispute that. And many will choose a variety of methods to respond to personal and professional healthcare issues.  Some of these methods are limited in their scope or choose to focus on one area. TPON sees this growing need as an opportunity and brings a holistic approach of Discovery and Direction to today’s challenging environment both locally and globally.

Our Discovery tools include a Strengths Assessment and a Four Points of Growth assessment which are applied specifically to the individual as he/she so desires.

You Discover, We Listen, and together We Implement the key element of Direction.  For without implementation, discovery is of little value or significance.   Forward thinking of what’s next must take place so that the individual does not remain stuck in bad health.

We have found that these elements of Discovery and Direction apply to all age groups and our team of Next Coaches are equipped to bring TPON to you.

Our uniqueness lies in our relational approach to better health.   We feel that if any individual is discovering real life change, then it only makes sense that Direction (personal application/implementation) of this Discovery must take place in the context of relationship.  For we believe that real and lasting change happens best in the context of relationship.  Your Next Coach provides you with the best possible opportunity for real life change through an ongoing and developing relationship.  We value our time together and realize that confidentiality is of the utmost priority.  Trust is built over time.  And we are available for you at your convenience to see this trust develop and maximize your growth.

Connect with one of our Next Coaches and see how TPON can improve your overall health.

What you can expect?

  • Accountability
  • Listening
  • Life Balance
  • Personal Growth
  • Trust
  • Confidentiality
  • Regular Coach Availability

The Individual Program duration, price, and depth of relationship is determined by the individual.  Both the individual and the Next Coach will decide on what their Next Relationship will look like.  Contact us Now to choose Your Next Coach and begin growing in a positive and future focused direction through healthy discovery.