Purple DNA is our second and most powerful Growth Development tool at our disposal. This includes our groundbreaking 4 Tool approach with our 4 Growth Areas (Intellect, Physical, Spiritual, and Social/Emotional). These four growth areas now include the framework or CONTEXT for these areas of growth, Listening and Relationship. In addition to the “ladder” of the DNA strand coming into focus we see the “double helix” develops as this “ladder” begins wrapping itself around one’s Strengths which are discovered through our first tool (StrengthsFinder 2.0). Now the “DNA strand” comes into focus with individual areas of focus for the individual and his/her Next Coach. Discovery and Direction are now easily visualized. Growth is now in the hands of the individual. Direction becomes clear with one’s next steps in life. I look forward to connecting and presenting this to as many people as I can with what little time I have left on this earth. There’s never enough time to accomplish everything. But we can maximize what time we do have to make the greatest difference. Our coaches and I look forward to hearing from you. All the best my friend.




COMING SOON! We will have a fun way to discover Your Own Purple DNA, right from your phone. Stay tuned for more information and the timing of its first release.