THE BOOK – The Power of Next

The Power of Next Book focuses on the never-ending challenge of bringing BALANCE to an individual’s life intellectually, physically, spiritually, and socially.  Key principles behind this balance are the Element of Discovery and the Element of Direction.  It is in Discovery that we find the Power we need to thrive in life.  And it is in Direction that we continue to discover the vital necessity of Next, thinking forward and/or always living ahead.

Within the pages of this book you will learn from my own personal stories of sorrow, challenge, joy and triumph; as well as stories from those I have supported on their personal journeys to find themselves. Together we will journey, laugh, tear up or maybe even yell a bit as we move closer to your Power of Next.

The Electronic (download) version contains “Pause Points” where the reader is encouraged to take a moment and reflect upon the main idea the author is communicating. These “Pause Points” are also LINK opportunities for the reader to reach out to one of our Next Coaches and begin furthering the newfound Discovery and/or even just talk about what is taking place in his/her life that was triggered by what was read. Along with the paperback version, both books will be available at I would also really appreciate any positive feedback (on Amazon directly, our social media, or via our web site) you might provide to help in promoting this book.

This book will introduce you to the life concept of “Identity and Surrender” along with the opportunity to quickly apply the two incredible elements of ‘Discovery’ and ‘Direction’ into your life.  Above all, it is my intent to quickly provide you with ideas for change that are easy to understand and will give you the power to take that next step you’ve been putting off.

Happy Reading!

Mike Bearden – Founder and Author of The Power of Next