Your Next Coach

What is a NEXT COACH?

A NEXT Coach is what emerges as a life coach evolves into a Reality Coach.  Growing in life both personally and professionally is only as effective as the Reality in which it is approached.  In other words, our Next Coaches believe in placing ALL the cards on the table (one card at a time) and moving forward together in trust, confidentiality, and honesty.  We value each and every individual with the highest level of integrity.  The Power of Next has been developed with YOU in mind.

The Power of Next is comprised of people and programs.  The programs are only as strong as the people who lead them.  Because of this reality, we place very high standards on our Next Coaches.  These individuals are hand picked and held to a high ethical standard both personally and professionally.

When you enter into a professional relationship with one of our Next Coaches, you will discover early on if a Next Coach (specifically a particular coach) is right for you.  Our goal is not to present you with a daily “how to” list of items for you to check off to see results.  Every Next Coach’s goal is to “come along side of you” and your life and help discover strengths that bring about new and balanced direction in your life.

There are a variety of Next Coach relationships.  Each Next Coach relationship will vary based on the amount of time spent between the coach and the individual.  We call them the “PlayBooks.”  The Play Book defines the working relationship between the coach and the individual.  Each Play Book will:

  • Determine the amount of time spent between the coach and the individual
  • Determine the length of the coaching relationship
  • Determine the communication vehicles used in that relationship
  • Determine the price of the coaching relationship

CONTACT us NOW to discover what Next Coach Play Book/Relationship is best for you and your situation.