What is a NEXT Listener

Less than 2% of people have had any formal education in listening.
Yet, people spend around 70-80% of their day engaged in some form of communication, and about 50% of this time is devoted to listening.

NO Bait'n'Switch pricing with our Program. Just Honest Listening

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Our MOTIVATION: Are you seeing what I’m seeing? This roughly means that throughout 40% of your day, you are ill-equipped to NAVIGATE the course of communication with others, EVERY DAY! And, let’s face it. At the end of the day, the truth is that YOU are the one who really wants to be heard, to be listened to in the midst of YOUR life seasons. And there just aren’t enough people out there who are willing or able to listen. That's why we do what we do, for you.

Our CONNECTION: Well, The Power of Next has chosen to be a part of the solution to this growing need. We have assembled a growing group of “listeners” who know and have experienced life’s challenges and are more than willing to listen to you and what might be on your heart and mind.

Our APPROACH: While we in no way claim to be professional counselors or therapists, we do claim to be good listeners. AND SOMETIMES ALL WE NEED IS SOMEONE TO LISTEN. Our goal is NOT to “give you a solution” to what your current life season might be challenging you with. Our goal is to use listening as a tool to help encourage you and release confident self-discovery through reflection, endurance and hope. We believe that this type of self-discovery will begin to produce short and long-term positive growth.

Your CHOICE: YOU GET TO CHOOSE the method and duration of your listening with your NEXT Listener. We offer Texting Block options, live Phone Call Block choices and even In-Person gatherings where available.

Other OPTIONS: In addition to listening, some of our listeners are also NEXT Coaches and can help walk your life journey in a more formal manner by going through one of our NEXT Programs TOGETHER. Here you will really dive in and experience Discovery and Direction like never before. We believe that overcoming life’s challenges and growing forward is best accomplished in the context of relationship. That’s why we do what we do.

Your NEXT LISTENER: Each NEXT Listener is not only gifted in listening as an individual but also a part of the less than 2% of individuals who actually have received training in what listening is all about. They understand both the bigger picture of lifestyle listening and the critical importance of focused attention on the individual he/she listens to. Our listeners know the difference between just hearing a person and actually listening to them. They do their best never to allow listening failure to enter their time with others. And they share a true intent to respond responsibly to those who share of themselves.